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Enhancing Your Child's Growth through Our Educational Programs

Room to Grow Family Childcare in Greeley, Colorado, incorporates wonderful children's programs into our day care services. Contact our professionals today to find out the many important lessons we teach your children in order to help them grow to their full potential.

Arts and Crafts/Creative Play
Simple exploration with different textures, colors, and nature walks are some of the things we do to include arts and crafts in our daily programs. Creative play is important because the children make their own choices, become aware of problems and learn or practive solving problems.  They also learn and practice about their surrounding space, opposites, and concepts they carry on through the years.

Baby Sign Language
By communicating through sign language from 2-6 months of age, we notice children gain the ability to better express themselves. We offer practical sign language, using up to 75 everyday words such as "more please," "thank you," and "help" "animal names" for children who have the inability to communicate but do understand.

Beginning Dance, beginning dance and movement.  Children respond to child appropriate music as they listen to the music.

Qualified for School Readiness - This summer we have specialists in our social emotional program.

Make sure your child is prepared for the upcoming school year by enrolling him or her at our child care center.  Encourage your child to have a designate a small "quiet area" of the house for schoolwork. Some of the  aspects of preparing the children for school include: 

• Language • Math • Science-Health • Pre-Emergent Literacy

 Music, Art, Phyical Movement, Social Intellectual and Social Emotional

Daily Rates for Full Time and Part Time, monday through friday.


hours 6:30 am-3:00 pm

Infants  who are

18 months & younger

Toddlers, who are

19 months-36 months

Before & After School

who are

1st grade - 13 years

5 days a week $280 weekly FT $240 weekly FT $160 weekly FT


$80 weekly



$80 weekly

Preschool & Pre-K

37 months- 5 years


             $187.75 weekly FT



Openings for a Special Rate:

For Toddler and Preschool Part-Time for the program:

Weekly Rate: $100 per week monday-friday: Mornings-12 noon.

OR Drop In child care program: rate: $50 per day: Morning until 12 noon.

music enrichment
Enrich your child's life through our music program taught here at our day care. Our music curriculum with music appreciation

is offered for children ages infant to 12 years old. 

We aim to increase your child's learning abilities through music while helping with physical, social, language,

and thinking abilities. 


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